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Our History

It's all about the Experience!                  

At Jake's Bikes, we do much more than sell bikes; we promote fun, safe cycling in the communities we serve so you can enjoy a great riding experience. When you step inside our door, we strive to offer a friendly, knowledgeable service. Whether you are buying bikes for the first time or just need a tire pumped up... "It's all about the Experience!"

Our Mission

Is to provide you with the means, opportunities and inspiration to ride bicycles.                

Why bikes?      

We think bikes are great. As a means of transportation, they are much less expensive to buy and maintain than a car - yet bikes are a much faster alternative than walking. As a recreational activity, bike riding offers the opportunity to get outside, have fun with friends and experience the true feeling of a place. As a sport, cycling is approachable by all ages, from high-schoolers to senior citizens.        

Bikes are ridden by great people: people who have an appreciation for the outdoors, for a slower pace of life and for the things that truly matter. Cycling events offer a great way to meet people, whether at a statewide charity event, a local race or a community ride.               

Bikes are so much more than just metal and rubber. The sights seen, people met, food tasted and laughs shared combine to create an experience that is much greater than the sum of its parts. We hope you'll join us in our endeavour to spread this great pastime!        

How we do it.

Your cycling experience starts with getting the bike that will work best for you. Our Bikes section is designed to help you understand the differences between each type of bike. Once you have an idea of the type of riding you want to do, come into our shop and test ride bikes until you find the one with your name written all over it.        

Our Destinations section is designed to help you plan your bike trips. If you want to be a part of something bigger, check out our Events section. We keep these sections updated with trails we've just found and events we hear about. If you have a trail or an event you think we should know about, please let us know!